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$26,000 in prizes

(PennApps Track) General Prize (2)

1st place: iPad mini
2nd place: Apple Watch

(PennApps Track) Beginner Prize (2)

1st place: Underwater Polaroid
2nd place: Penn Engineering Swag

(PennApps Track) Sustainability Prize (2)

1st place: Quadcopter GPS Drone with 4K HD Camera
2nd place: Beats Studio3 Headphones

(Sponsored by Locket) Best iOS Hack

Winner: AirPods

Note: Please make a 5 minute video to pitch and briefly demo your project

(Sponsored by Polygon & Sonr) Best Blockchain Hack (5)

Polygon winner: AirPods Pro
Sonr winner: AirPods Pro
Sonr runner up: Entry into Sonr's Global Hackathon
Sonr 5-minute pitch participants: special Sonr swag

Note: Please make a 5 minute video to pitch and briefly demo your project

(Sponsored by Shippy) Best Use of Web Automation/non-REST API Data Sources

1st place: Amazon gift card & mystery prize

Note: Please make a 5 minute video to pitch and briefly demo your project

Most Creative Use of Twilio - MLH

Twilio allows you to incorporate mobile messaging, phone calls and a ton of other awesome communication features right into your hackathon project using web service APIs. Are you building an e-commerce website and want to send text notifications or email confirmations once an order is completed? Or maybe your application needs to verify users based on their mobile numbers? Twilio makes all this possible and more. Build a hack that simplifies your life using any one of Twilio’s APIs for a chance to win a Twilio Swag Box and GameGo Console for you and each of your teammates!

Best Use of Google Cloud - MLH

Build your hackathon project with a suite of secure storage, powerful compute, and integrated data analytics products provided by Google Cloud. See full list of products here: g.co/cloud. Winners located in the US will receive a Google Cloud Swag Bag complete with a beanie, Android pillow, journal, socks & lanyards. Winners outside of the US will receive a Google branded backpack.

Best Domain Name from Domain.com - MLH

Register a .tech domain name using Domain.com during the weekend. Each team may submit one entry per person on the team. Each winning team member will receive a Domain.com branded backpack.

Best Use of Velo by Wix - MLH

We know how difficult it can be to create a phenomenal website in a short period of time, especially when it comes to hackathons. Velo by Wix cuts down your development time without sacrificing on functionality! With a built-in database and fully customizable JavaScript frontend and backend, you can develop a full-stack application directly in your browser. With Velo, all the tools you need are conveniently located in one platform! Build your hackathon project with Velo by Wix for a chance to win Wacom Drawing Tablets for you and each of your teammates.

Best use of CockroachDB - MLH

Build your hackathon project on CockroachDB's open source and indestructible SQL database. Utilize CockroachDB in your hack for a chance to win a 3D printing pen for each team member. What's more, ALL projects submitted that use CockroachDB will receive a free t-shirt while supplies last!

(Sponsored by Citadel & Penn Detkin Lab) Best Hardware Hack

JBL Speaker & Raspberry Pi
Create a DevPost highlighting a hardware product focused on the theme of sustainability.

(Sponsored by Convex) Best Use of Convex

Winner: Four lego sets and Convex credit.

Accelerate your hackathon project development and build your dynamic web app on Convex! Convex is the backend as a service that makes storing data and live-updating your app easy. All participants will receive free Convex Teams use and the winning project will get four large Lego sets plus free Convex credit. Get started at convex.dev and join convex.dev/slack with any questions.

Devpost Achievements

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Industry Professionals

Industry Professionals

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Difficulty
  • Level of Innovation
  • "Wow" Factor/Coolness
  • Usefulness/Realistic Capability

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